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Available only to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Conserve Wildlife Tag (CWT) grants support projects that benefit non-game species and the habitats that support them.  The Foundation distributes CWT funds to the FWC in the form of grants.  By statute, the Foundation can only give CWT funds to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). It is possible for entities outside the FWC to receive CWT tag funds, but only as a sub-recipient in a project where the FWC is the grantee.  If your proposed need is aligned directly with an FWC priority issue, then there may be an opportunity for a partnership.

The 2016-17 grant application cycle has closed. All applications received from this point forward will be accepted in consideration for the next grant cycle.

Application Form

If you are new to the Conserve Wildlife grant application process, when you click the link below, you will need to Signup to create a user account by entering a unique e-mail address and a password. You will then be taken to the application form.

When you create your user account, please use the following as your e-mail address: the # symbols with a 6 digit number of your choice)

The cwt-###### prefix will then be assigned as your Proposal ID # on your application. If the system says that e-mail address already exists in the system, then choose a different six digit number. Note that you will be asked to supply your personal e-mail address elsewhere within the application, so do not use your personal e-mail address as this user account. Make sure you save the e-mail address and password you create so you will have it for future reference.

If you wish to submit multiple grant applications, please repeat this process by setting up a unique new user account using the above e-mail address format for each application.

Please disregard the instruction on the login/signup page the link below will take you to that says to use your e-mail address.

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Call For Grants

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, Inc.
Conserve Wildlife Tag
Grant Program

DEADLINES: December 11, 2015 (From proposer to Division, Office, or Institute (D/O/I))
January 11, 2016 (From Division, Office, or Institute (D/O/I) to Grants Coordinator)

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, Inc., (Foundation) will accept proposals for funding under the Conserve Wildlife Tag (CWT) grant program for Fiscal Year 2016-17. The project period will be from July 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017. By legislative mandate, the Foundation makes CWT funds available exclusively to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The Foundation makes these funds available only for use in non-game programs.

Applicants must first submit proposals for CWT grant support to their D/O/I director. Proposals submitted directly to the FWC Grant Coordinator or to the Foundation will be returned. The Foundation encourages FWC divisions and offices to strategically consider potential projects for CWT grant funds. FWC leadership will ultimately determine the agency’s priority grant requests. Historically, the FWC has encouraged projects that advance the priorities of the 2014-19 FWC Agency Strategic Plan. Applicants should address how their proposal meets this objective in the “Expected Benefits” and “Project Metrics” sections of the CWT application form. The FWC Portal Home Page includes a link to the FWC’s Agency Strategic Plan with objectives.

Each division/office/institute director will determine project priorities within their respective divisions. Directors will submit their respective divisions’ proposals in priority order. The Foundation requests that each division/office/institute submit no more than ten proposals.

A team of FWC leaders will review all proposals to compile a single FWC priority list. This list will be presented to the Foundation’s Board of Directors for consideration. The Board of Directors has final authority to award grants.

The Board has elected to give priority to projects that demonstrate a finite life span. Long-term projects that require recurring funding requests are discouraged.

The Board also maintains a long-standing policy to give priority to projects or species that do not benefit from another directed funding source. Projects to benefit species that already receive funds through sales of their own affinity license tag, such as sea turtles or manatees, are far less likely to receive a CWT grant. The Board does not rule out such projects entirely. However, the applicant must demonstrate a compelling need, including documentation as to why other directed funding is not available.

The following schedule outlines the dates for appropriate action for FY 2016-17 Conserve Wildlife Tag grant proposals. Again, all proposals must be submitted to your D/O/I director.

December 11, 2015 Deadline for staff to prepare and submit project proposals to their D/O/I director.
December 11, 2015 – January 10, 2016 D/O/I directors review project proposals submitted to them and prepare a final division priority list of up to ten projects.
January 11, 2016 Deadline for D/O/I directors to submit division priority list with proposals to the FWC Grants Coordinator.
TBA January-February 2016 FWC leadership meets to discuss projects and determine the final FWC priority list of projects.
TBA February 2016 FWC priority list and proposals submitted to the Foundation Board of Directors for initial review and consideration.
TBA March – April, 2016 The Board of Directors annual Grants Meeting to consider projects and make final grant awards.
April – May, 2016 All applicants notified of the Board’s decision. Successful applicants will receive formal award letters.
July 1, 2016 Projects commence.

Chapter 320.08056, F.S. Specialty License Plates

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