“Conserve Wildlife” License Plates

Conserve Wildlife License Plates

Show Your Commitment

Your purchase of a “Conserve Wildlife” license plate generates needed funds exclusively used to benefit all wildlife species in Florida and their habitats. The license plates are available at all tax collectors’ offices.

The “Conserve Wildlife” license plate was created specifically to generate additional revenue necessary to conduct the programs aimed at conserving our State’s natural heritage.

How the “CONSERVE WILDLIFE” License Plate Came To Be

The “Conserve Wildlife” license plate is the product of a four-way, public-private partnership involving the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Wildlife Foundation of Florida, Inc., Defenders of Wildlife, and the Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club.

These partners worked together to secure the 10,000 petition signatures and $30,000 application fee necessary to bring the proposal before the Florida Legislature, which authorized the license plate in 1998.

The plates are now on sale at all tax collectors’ offices–waiting for you to show your support for Florida’s fish and wildlife resources.


The license plate costs $25 more than a standard plate. That additional cost is a tax deductible contribution to the Wildlife Foundation of Florida.

The Foundation awards restricted grants for wildlife conservation programs administered by the FWC. Examples of such initiatives include:

  • Species and habitat research
  • Watchable wildlife initiatives
  • Law enforcement
  • Educational programs about Florida’s diverse wildlife
  • Programs that encourage conservation of Florida’s natural heritage.

Revenues are also used to increase public awareness and understanding, especially among children, about the importance of wildlife and wildlife habitat, and to encourage participation in wildlife-viewing activities.

Special emphasis is placed on projects involving the Florida black bear. Survival of this species depends in part on preservation of its habitat, which, in turn, will benefit other wildlife species.

About the Design

http://www.buyaplate.com/Conserve%20WildlifeThe “Conserve Wildlife” license plate was designed by free-lance artist Peggy Perkerson. If you’ve seen the Florida Panther license plate, you are familiar with the quality of her work. Ms. Perkerson re-designed the panther plate in 1993.

The design of the “Conserve Wildlife” plate features a standing black bear on the left side of the plate, surrounded by palmettos and saw grass. A snowy egret is depicted in flight over the bear’s shoulder.

The Florida black bear is an ideal symbol of the many species that will benefit from your purchase of a “Conserve Wildlife” license plate. As a wide-ranging omnivore, the black bear utilizes many different habitats throughout Florida. Key strongholds for the black bear are found in areas stretching from the Panhandle’s Eglin Air Force Base and Apalachicola region, to the Osceola and Ocala regions in north and central Florida, down to the Big Cypress in south Florida.

“Hunting Conservation” License Plates

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida (FWFF) is pleased to announce that their new vanity license plate to support hunting in Florida has just arrived and is now available for sale at all tax collectors offices and their agents in Florida.

Hunting Conservation Plate

“Hunting has a long tradition in Florida. There are over 160,000 licensed resident hunters in Florida. Hunters have always been conservation minded. They really care about our great outdoors heritage,” said FWFF Chairman Rodney Barreto. The Foundation created a special Florida citizen review panel to help make sure the grants promoted healthy hunting across the state, today and tomorrow.

The Wildlife Foundation of Florida Deer Tag has already funded 16 Grants for $78,372, including:

  • $2,500 to the FWC for the Game Cleaning Stations on the Tate’s Hell Wildlife Management area
  • $2,500 to Future of Hunting in Florida for the Future of Hunting in Florida Youth Hunt Camp.

“We ask all avid hunters to do their part and buy our new IHUNT plate. Help us make sure that hunting always has future in Florida” said Chairman Barreto. “Florida is like no other place on earth, and working together we can keep it that way.”

swimmers in spring

“Protect Florida Springs” License Plates

A big challenge is ahead of us. We must preserve the water quality of Florida’s springs, while meeting the needs of Florida’s residents, visitors, and wildlife.

Did you know that:

  • Geologists estimate that the more than 700 springs in Florida represent the largest concentration of freshwater springs on Earth.
  • The unique beauty of Florida’s springs continues to attract residents and visitors, while the springs themselves have provided immeasurable natural, recreational, and economic benefits for more than 100 years.
  • Ginnie Springs is the most popular freshwater diving location in the world.
  • The 15 state parks named for springs across Florida attract more than two million visitors annually.
  • The two million state-park visitors to Florida’s spring parks generate $7 million in park revenues.

So why do we need a Protect Florida Springs license plate?

Florida Springs License Plate
  • Lack of available State funding to meet identified spring needs.
  • Lack of established on-going sources for grant funding for local communities and organizations to address issues related to their springs.
  • Lack of competitive grants aimed at Florida’s springs, with highest priorities given to community-based spring programs and projects specifically related to education, outreach, and springs protection.
  • Lack of grant funding for important springs projects currently not eligible for funding elsewhere; much needed projects that address specific conservation and management needs of Florida’s springs.
  • Lack of augmented funding for springs conservation and research activities.
  • Lack of training and educational materials for teachers and students about the importance of Florida’s springs.
  • Lack of new technologies enabling a better understanding of spring ecology and support of spring enhancement and restoration in Florida.
  • Lack of assistance for local communities in understanding the economic benefits of springs, as well as their recreational benefits.
  • Lack of implemented programs that seek objective, common-sense, scientific solutions to the complex issues associated with protecting and managing Florida’s springs, one of the most valuable and important resources in Florida.

Spring DiversConcerned citizen groups and interested parties have joined together to make this effort a reality. Led by the Wildlife Foundation of Florida and the Wildlife Trust, we need your support for this very timely, important, and gravely needed cause of better protecting Florida’s springs.

The license plate costs $25 more than a standard plate. That additional cost is a tax deductible contribution to the Wildlife Foundation of Florida.

The license plates are available at all tax collectors’ offices. Please call us at 1-800-988-4889 or e-mail for more information.

“Discover Florida’s Oceans” License Plates

The $25 cost of the ‘Discover Florida’s Oceans’ license plate goes to our Foundation and the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute to benefit Florida’s coastal waters and estuaries via scientific research, hands-on conservation and education.

Discover Florida’s Oceans Plate