Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Fund

Florida Grasshopper Sparrow
Florida Grasshopper Sparrow

The Florida Grasshopper Fund was established to support urgent needs to prevent the extinction of the Florida grasshopper sparrow. This bird inhabits the dry prairie habitat of central Florida and is considered the most endangered bird in the continental United States. The Grasshopper Sparrow Fund provides resources to continue captive breeding efforts and critical research. Based on 2017 surveys, biologists estimate that there are fewer than 30 pairs of Florida grasshopper sparrows in the wild, a threshold that places the species under extreme risk of extinction. A captive breeding program for the FGSP was initiated in 2015, with aims to supplement the FGSP in the wild at the earliest opportunity. Currently, there are 30 sparrows in captivity. Being a ground-nesting bird, FGSP are especially vulnerable to being preyed upon by mammals, snakes, and even fire ants. Nests can also be flooded by heavy or sustained rains. Protecting nests from predators and flooding has helped to dramatically increase their chance of survival. All this was learned through monitoring and research over the last several years, but many questions remain unanswered. You can help support our efforts to save this very rare Florida native bird. Your donations will be used to:

  • Expand captive breeding facilities by constructing more enclosures that mimic natural habitat and encourage natural behaviors
  • Continue support for care of captive birds
  • Prepare for releasing captive-bred birds back into the wild
  • Continue research and monitoring of wild birds
  • Continue to mitigate threats such as predators and flooding as they are identified

Learn more about the endangered Florida grasshopper sparrow here http://myfwc.com/research/wildlife/birds/florida-grasshopper-sparrow/information/.

Florida Grasshopper Sparrow
Florida Grasshopper Sparrow

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Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Fund

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